When an Ambassador beat a Ferrari during a dog fight- 1965 Air War

IAF Dassault Mystere- the Ambassador car


PAF F-104 Starfighter- the Ferrari


Imagine this…you are driving a bulky yellow ambassador taxi and a Ferrari challenges you for a race…within a few seconds it speeds ahead…but you know a shortcut and you finally beat the Ferrari to the finish point…but by then your ambassador has taken too much punishment and it crashes into a ditch. Nobody realizes that a big old Ambassador beat a Ferrari, for 23 odd years.

Something similar happened to Sqdn Leader A B Devayya who while flying a Dassault Mystere, shot down a F-104 Starfighter…the pride of Pakistan Air Force and one of the most advanced fighters of its time. This despite the fact that initially, the Starfighter scored multiple hits on the Mystere, with its Gatling gun…the PAF pilot fatally assumed that he had killed his prey… but the prey was just wounded and still capable to fight…it came around and blasted the shell-shocked PAF pilot out of the sky. Sadly, the Mystere was damaged heavily and it crashed…AB Devayya made the ultimate sacrifice, but was declared as ‘Missing’. It was many years later that IAF HQ realized the mistake and pushed for recognition for this brave warrior esp. after the PAF acknowledged losing the starfigher to a Mystere. Finally in 1988, GOI awarded a Maha Vir Chakra to A B Devayya.
I think these are the role models which should be part of our moral development and curriculum. A man, who while facing a much powerful adversary…didn’t give up and fought till his last breath…taking on the enemy and destroying him.

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